Find creative solutions

In you will find Spreadsheet Innovation Models (SIM) with an innovative solution, adequately data-supported, to a business challenge.

MEISuch Spreadsheet Innovation Model contains:

  1. A simple and detailed explanation of the creative solution.
  2. Data to back feasibility of the innovation.
  3. Sources and corresponding web links.
  4. Visible calculation formulae.
  5. Hypothesis parameters in red in order to consider different alternatives.
  6. Infographies and graphics to visualize concepts and explain / sell to third parties.

ejemploYou can download here a free sample of a Spreadsheet Innovation Model:

  • Challenge: providing the Green Climate Fund with 100 billion US$ in 2020. The Green Climate Fund is meant to provide the global financial arm to the climate change mitigation problem.
  • Extract: at the end of 2010, the countries participating in the United Nations Climate Change conference in Cancun agreed to create a great fund, the Green Climate Fund, to solve climate change.  It would have 100 billion US$ / year by 2020. As for today, only 10% has been pledged. In this Excel Innovation Model a posible solution is considered.
  • Language: English
  • Files: 

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