A Spreadsheet Innovation Model (SIM) for your business challenge

As an engineer and business consultant I´ve always been aware of the critical importance of numbers. Numbers are essential for many purposes, including the task of proving a theoretical creative solution. For instance, a solution which enables a 4% efficiency increase might be “nice”, whereas another which can provide a 40% increase can really be worthwhile the risk for investing time and money in it.

SIMI have developed what I call a Spreadsheet Innovation Model (SIM). You can check here more specifically what this is, mostly, a spreadsheet on which a creative solution to a business challenge is displayed, with the corresponding models&data to back it up. 

In the free sample I´ve developed, I address the challenge of climate change mitigation and how to gather the funds for the necessary amount needed in order to avoid a catastrophic outcome in the coming years (in this sense I seriously recommend NASA´s website for obtaining an overall scientific view on the challenge ahead).

What´s more important. You can download for free the SIM (Excel file, Pdf file) on the climate change mitigation challenge and check for yourself if a model like this can be of value to you for other business challenges you may have at hand.

CC_NC   By: Ernesto Lluch. Images: Geralt