Politicians: is it possible to think creatively to change the system which puts them in place?

The other day I met two friends of mine who are surgeons. They are great and brilliant people, but above all, they´ve had to go through multiple challenges and hurdles along the way before being able to operate on other people. Sounds pretty reasonable to me, considering the importance of the job at hand. Furthermore, I would also add that as a teenager I was never very much into being a physician but then I understood that this was an extremely important job that someone would love to do and, ultimately, be able to master. 

I feel very much the same about politicians. I am not  interested in it as a way of  making a living, but we do need great people to do this job, men and women with great morality, technical ability and inspiration. And to make sure this happens we need other systems in place, new and innovative systems for politicians selection, qualification and quality control.

In this post I use several creativity principles to show how we can change the way we deal with politicians: what to require from them, what to forbid them from doing and what to thoroughly supervise. At the end of the day, does someone who leads an army or decide over health issues have lesser importance than a surgeon? 


 Created by Ernesto Lluch Moreno (rootgood.com). 2014.  

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