Gravity: pull out of it to be creative in business

4344200884_75a3d5a546_zThe day before yesterday I had the chance of watching “Gravity”, the Bullock-Clooney-Cuarón movie on space. There is simply one word to describe it, and that word is stunning.

For many reasons, to which I will not be referring in this post. All but one. Because there is one extremely powerful reason why this movie is very relevant to creativity in business. It pushes you to see a reality out of your “gravitational routine thoughts”. If you have seen the movie you know what I´m talking about (if not, I definitely do not want to ruin it in any way, so please get around to watch it as soon as possible!).

I´m sure you have an idea of what floating in space feels like (I do, but I´ve never been there). Or what kind of sounds you can experience in that environment (I also can imagine it, because of other movies I´ve seen). Or the visions you might have when leaving the spacecraft (who hasn´t dreamed of being an astronaut). Or even what your deepest emotions will be: fear, exhilaration, curiosity, believe in God, passion, love.

So let me tell you something folks: in business, we also do have predetermined ideas, thoughts and feelings about multiple issues. Please do think for a minute.  Do you step out of the box or see your working reality in a different way from time to time? Even more, do you think that stepping out of that box will eventually provide you with some value or else with trouble? It is crucial to be honest answering the questions above stated.

Because routine thought is like gravity: it will push you in the same direction over and over again (with Mr Einstein´s permission). In order to be creative in business you need to escape your routine gravity thoughts. If you are a Marketing VP, you might think about social media or premiumizing your brand (making luxure versions of conventional products at higher price points) as the ultimate elements. Because you are informed. Because you read, you listen, you stay in touch with market sentiment. But then, gravity is pulling you there. In order to escape earth´s gravity we need powerful 25,000 miles per hour speeds. In business, in order to escape conventional thought you need other tools similar to rocket boosters. You need strong creativity principles and inspiration. 

Furthermore, would it be crazy for a Marketing VP to be worried about people not using their smartphones at all in two year´s time? Let me add a little more info and possibilities: would you let your child to carry a smartphone all day long if WHO published a study on the carcinogenic effect of such due to electromagnetic fields? Or else is it possible for a smartphone with scents to come to market in the coming 3 years, changing the users experience altogether?

Do you think that could not ever happen? I know, gravity thought is pushing, I can feel it in your mind from here. But hey, I´m fighting head-to-head with you.

CC_SA  Photo: Shane Lin. STS-130 Night Space Shuttle Launch.

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