Take the creativity principles and let the big dog eat (case study 8)

The eternal question: how do we activate our creatitivity and apply it to specific business problems? Because let´s be honest, that is what we want to do. Sometimes that is what we are craving to do.

In this post I include an image with an example of a set of 3 different business challenges and the solutions that could be obtained for them after the application of different creativity principles (download pdf).


The challenges are the following:

  1. How to incentivate a manager to adequately delegate on his/her team members.
  2. How to defend a company when a competitor is attacking with a product based on a low price point plus convenience.
  3. How to compete in the coffee shop business when the fast food business enters this very same segment.

After laying out these challenges I´m also applying different creativity principles (“anti-weight”, “preliminary cushion” and “another dimension”).

As you can see, the following issues are worth mentioning:

  1. After noting the challenge down, the creativity principle allows you to create the spark to jump to each “solution point”.
  2. The examples of one creativity principle are a great inspiration for obtaining other solution points (see “preliminary cushion” example).
  3. Once you note the solution point point down, sometimes it is extremely useful to add explanation notes directed to indicate the success keys for the specific solution (these are included in brackets).

What is extremely important is to let your mind free to note all the solution points you can come up with. 

How? Take rootgood´s creativity principle list and as Kevin Costner´s character in Tin Cup said “let it loose, let it rip, let the big dog eat”.

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