Could you close your eyes and imagine the world in 2045?

blue-259458_640That Saturday morning I woke up before the rest of the family, and went to the kitchen to have a hot latte.

Oh, that sweet touch of sugar, the acidity, the heat of the cup in my hands, the crawling smoke into the atmosphere. Some things never change.

I felt like knowing what was going on in the world so I uttered the word “news”. A tile roof opened in the ceiling laying down the beam of light cast by my favorite 3D hologram, one that summarized in 5 minutes the most relevant national news. The last was about tuna restocking, which resulted in the fader sprinkling a light stream of moist sea air in order to maximize news impact.

The film I´d seen last night, a classic released back in 2015, had generated a certain nostalgia feeling in me so I began to flick through some digital photos stored on our account. I selected folders 20 and 30 and the projector began to display photos. I remembered the trip to America in 2021, the year that the international market for audit of political parties was liberalized and food traceability system was introduced in Europe. I visualized a video on the weekend with my wife and kids in Andalucia in autumn 2027. That fall took place the first exhibition of smellable paintings, a revolution in the Asian art world.

Although a latte had not changed substantially in the recent decades, other things had done so. The world of 2045 was, in some respects, very different from that we had lived as children, and for the most, much better.

I opened my eyes.

CC_SACreated by Ernesto Lluch Moreno ( 2014. Photo: Daswortgewand

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