Present a business challenge and I will provide you with a free creative solution

creatividadI´m passionate about creativity helping us win at the business workplace. I truly believe we can provide great solutions, big or small, to our clients when we can take a challenge and, with a predefined set of creativity techniques, provide new solutions and points of view.

As you can see from my blog rootgood, so far I´ve been trying to put forward several creativity techniques applied to specific examples. However, I also believe that, because of the intense rhythm of business, we are usually interested in our challenges and only in our particular challenges.

Therefore, I would like to suggest the following:

  • The house is open! What does this mean? During the next month of August, starting on August 2nd, I will be taking up to 2 business challenges every week, to which I commit to provide a specific creative solution. You can send me a one-pager of the challenge or just a few lines (in any case please keep it general/theoretical and do not provide any information which could be confidential on your side).
  • I will provide you with a visual document with creative solutions. This document or your one-pager will NOT be uploaded to rootgood or used elsewhere. However in return you commit to provide one-time feedback, explaining your views on the solutions provided (if they were any useful, if the mentioned creativity techniques worked for you or not, if they inspired you, if they would need more or less detail, if you would suggest alternative media for presenting data or information, etc.). 
  • This advice will be totally free and without any kind of compromise. My reward is receiving feedback from you.
  • I will not be an expert on the topic at hand. Anyway, I believe this will enable me to see the challenge for a “fresh perspective”. Furthermore, since I consult on energy and environmental issues for a firm, I will not provide solutions on these subjects either.
  • You can e-mail me on Please send your challenges to such address. If you prefer to skype me, be happy to do so (ernesto.lluch1974). Just remember my time zone is CET.

Photo: Geralt.


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