2) Create innovative business ideas

a. Idea construction process in ROOTGOOD
b. Uploading files from your cloud and use in ROOTGOOD
c. Intellectual property protection



This blog works pretty much like this (comments most wellcome, you can write to ernesto.lluch1974@gmail.com).

By the way, what is an innovative and well approached business idea ?

A document with imagination, arguments, ethics and emotion which provides an reasoned answer to several key issues:

  1. A story where the need is visualized
  2. Idea concept for the business idea 
  3. Innovation concept
  4. Value for the client
  5. Value for the company
  6. Estimation for the product or service price
  7. Estimation for revenue, expenses or margin
  8. Starting leverage
  9. Where to dig into
  10. Inspiration moments for the idea
  11. Intellectual property protection

This blog is meant to help building business ideas between different people, always looking for important needs.

To develop the Powerpoint I use text, handmade drawings (obtained from pictures with smartphone), pictures and music. I always use sources for which their creators allow the material to be used in the corresponding terms (see http://search.creativecommons.org/).



It´s pretty simple, we live in the cloud era. This is merely several platforms that allow file storage in their servers, instead or addittionally to those in our computers. Some of them are  Dropbox, Google Drive o Skydrive, although there are others.

In all these platforms:

  • You can very quickly (3 minutes) obtain a free account
  • You can store, with no charge between  2 and 15 Gb de ficheros (note: with 10 Gb you can store pictures of many years). In plain terms, you can store a back-up copy of your key files, which is a very useful thing in case anything should happen.
  • As far as rootgood is concerned, you can include in your cloud any idea file (Powerpoint, Excel or other) and then include a link to such file as a comment. This will enable you to upload ideas as well as modifications to existing ideas. A link to a file in the cloud is something like this:


  • Once the file link has been included and configured as visible, it will be visible to everybody. How will your idea be protected then? I recommend you read the following section.



Ideas are always from those who create them.

I invite you to identify which of Creative Commons (CC) licenses is best for your idea, so that you can specify how you allow others to work with it.

There are several alternatives, but I basically use the following two (here are all licenses to be absolutely transparent):

CC_SALicense “share alike”: I use it for those ideas for which I have used material from people who also used this license. I also use them for ideas I wish to distribute with my material and maintain the conditions.

CC_NCLicense “non commercial”: I use it when I intend to maintain my future capability of selling the ideas.

Every time you create a new idea and upload it to rootgood, or everytime you provide content to other person´s idea and also upload it, you will be able to include the following slide with the corresponding “license sticker”. This will enable 3 fundamental things:

  1. The idea will be recognised as yours (BY).
  2. That being the case, you will allow others to modify such idea and even use it commercially (SA).
  3. That being the case, you will specify to others that your idea or original content can be shared but not used commercially (NC).

slide ip

By the way, in case you use Microsoft Office you can also install and use the free plug-in to later on include the “sticker” for the corresponding license in the Powerpoint and/or Excel you might be creating of modifying.



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